You’ve got to be willing to be vulnerable enough to overcome the obstacles that are in front of you.

Not just another trainer.

As an Adidas ambassador for the past 4 years, Christian has been able to mentor many diverse groups from all over the world; from athletes to everyday people. His coaching style has transformed lives through helping those at every level to break through the limits of their mind. Christian is an exceptional motivator and through his passion for what he does, he is able to bring out the deepest strengths in each individual he comes into contact with. He has spent the past 7 years developing and systematising his own style of coaching for peak performance in life through the management of hundreds of different individuals ranging from at home mums, business owners, Olympic athletes, world class models and tv presenters – everyday he looks forward to learning more and more from the experiences that he has with his clients to be able to pass on to others that he works with!



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